Herz Kollektion - Goldblume
Herz Kollektion - Goldblume
Herz Kollektion - Goldblume


Heart collection

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Hearts represent love. And love? What does love stand for? For affection, cohesion and feelings, for unforgettable moments and individuality! Every love is unique, as unique as roses are. No rose is like another. So why not your love with a gold flower. Show rose box?

The gold flower heart box convinces with a high-quality rose box in which beautiful Kiara roses unfold their magic. The fact is, this is not a meaningless and simple gift! How do you say so beautiful, roses say more than words. With its splendor, this box radiates love, love that everyone deserves!

A special and complex process preserves the natural roses at the time of their most beautiful bloom, so that they do not have to be watered or supplied with nutrients. Make friends for you and your loved ones.

In any desired rose color customizable. Special requests gladly on request.


Number of roses of the respective sizes:

Small: 8-10 roses; Medium: 13-15 roses;

Large: 17-18 roses; XLarge: 19-20 roses;

XXLarge: 23-25 roses 

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